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CCM provides a unique atmosphere for children to discover and explore their world through direct experience. Exhibits emphasize real object manipulation, multi-sensory learning, creative problem solving, and interpersonal interaction. A highlight for many visitors is to touch some of our animals – a corn snake, a domestic rabbit, a red-eared slider turtle, and others. Our programs cover an ever-expanding range of topics in the arts, sciences, and humanities. “De-construction” fits children with safety goggles and hand tools to take apart (non-working) appliances to find moving parts inside. They go on a Movement Scavenger Hunt around the building to find examples of such movements as: swivel, slide, and dangle. Lastly, they use cardboard and other on-hand materials to construct a model for a machine of their own invention. Often, our activities incorporate intergenerational connections so that adults can impart wisdom and encouragement to the young and children can engage their grown-ups in the ageless joy of play.

To donate money to help the Chesapeake Children's Museum grow and continue to serve children of all ages, please visit our donation page on Razoo.


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The Chesapeake Children's Museum
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