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Statement of Religious Activity

Chesapeake Children’s Museum embraces a multicultural approach with regard to religious activities. We recognize childhood as a sensitive period in which families have the principal influence over the formation of religious beliefs. Our intention is to present a balanced worldview of religion within a cultural context, yet to refrain from involving visitors in religious practice. A decision to include the dogma, symbols, practices, music, deities, historical religious events, etc. of a particular religion is made with the consideration of the benefit to all our visitors. We endeavor to be sensitive to and welcome input from representatives of bona fide religious groups. Our aim is to make the museum a place where everyone feels welcome without risk of offending religious beliefs. We endorse a policy of leaving religious experience to respective religious institutions.

The museum will abstain from sponsoring

  • workshops or exhibits giving reverence to religious symbols and beliefs
  • workshops or exhibits with religious/historical content timed to coincide with religious holidays workshops or exhibits that include instructive preparations for celebrating religious holidays
  • holiday programs featuring music, stories, art, or other activities tied to the beliefs of religious groups

The museum will sponsor

  • workshops or exhibits that enlighten visitors about cultural practices around the world
  • workshops or exhibits that enhance visitors’ awareness of and respect for diverse cultures
  • workshops or exhibits that would permit visitors to express their own religious beliefsprograms that celebrate ethnic diversity in music, art, and literature


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